Fun, Friends, and a Good Time just starts to describe the enjoyment of The Sunrise Pedal Trolley. We offer a new and unique way to travel around Bay City and experience our area’s culture, history, specialty and antique shops and of course our local pubs.

The Pedal Trolley holds 15 people and is powered by the riders pedaling just like a bike. Whether you are out on a wine walk, trying the newest micro beer, or just out to have some fun, we offer an experience like no other! Our riders pick the stops before we begin, making each tour different. Bring your phone along for the music, we have an AUX cable long enough, so you can be the DJ!

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We are great for graduation parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, church outings, company team-building, social gatherings, and family reunions, parades, and floats.

Sound like your kind of fun? Book your Sunrise Pedal Trolley Tour online or call us at 989-391-9028.


When we made the website initially there were three boxes available.  A few months ago we realized that we didn’t need 3 boxes so we downsized to 2. So during a staff meeting we realized that it looked stupid with just 2 boxes and a big empty spot in the middle. I think that’s enough text to make it look good. Book a tour (989) 391-9028. 


Alot of people ask..”Do we have to go to bars?” ABSOLUTELY NOT! Sunrise Pedal Trolley can help you design a fun tour that doesn’t involve alcohol! Coffee Shops, Candy Shops, Pizza, Starbridge & more! Just let your driver know ahead of time and we will make sure your tour is amazing!

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Meeting Location & Stops

Your tour will begin at The Sunrise Pedal Trolley Station then continue on to your selected eateries and pubs, making each tour unique. We offer a 2 hour tour, with the option to add additional hours onto your Pedal Tour.

Tour Detail & Times

All tours offered by Sunrise Pedal Trolley are 2 hour tours by default.

The Sunrise Pedal Trolley  operates from 9am – 10:30p. For a full schedule Click Here.


Sunrise Pedal Trolley
  • Weekday Tours – $300 for 2 Hours
  • Friday & Saturday Tours – $375


Frequently Asked questions

Legal Stuff

You will need a completed, signed Passenger Release of Liability Waiver which must be signed before tour departs. All passengers must posess a valid photo ID. Our driver is in charge and his/her decisions are final.

The renters has the option to decide when, where and how long to stay at each stop. We have the renter’s credit card and will pay the late fee and/or damage deposit.

Can I Drink in the pedal trolley?

Yes, but only beer and wine. NO hard liquor or mixed drinks. Glass is prohibited (except growlers and full bottles of wine). Please bring your own plastic cups and/or cans. One cooler is allowed, and you will have to provide your own ice.

Are glass containers allowed on board?

NO. This is a very strict policy (growlers and wine bottles are the only exception). Please bring your own plastic or aluminum cups if using a growler. We prefer wine bottles be poured into a non-breakable container before the tour. CANS are welcomed and preferred.

There are 15 cup holders (1 for each pedal station).

Does the trolley supply food and beverage?

You can bring almost anything you would like to eat or drink.  We have plenty of storage.

Bottled water, Gatorade and Soda are available for purchase to enjoy while pedaling to your favorite locations where you are able to obtain your favorite food and beverage.

How big of a cooler can I bring?

Almost every tour asks this same question. You don’t need 3 or 4 coolers for sure. We suggest an average 50 qt cooler. It will fit right behind the driver. If everyone wants to pack a small little 6 pack cooler . . . that’s fine too!

Can I bring music?

Do bears poop in the woods? Absolutely! We have several different options.

  1. Bring your phone and hook up to our AUX cable. If your phone needs a special dongle (giggity) please bring that with you too!
  2. Bring a USB drive full of your favorite jams and plug in.
  3. Party like its 1999 and bring a CD.

What are the maximum people that can ride the trolley? How many pedal? What’s the least amount of people?

The Sunrise Pedal Trolley requires at least 8 riders in your party to book a tour. The trolley can hold a maximum of 15 people, 8 of these people will be pedaling the trolley, plus our driver.

What to wear?

Casual and comfortable clothing is best for riding The Sunrise Pedal Trolley. Wear tennis shoes, not sandals or flip-flops. Remember to dress for the weather.

Late Returns or Damage

Late Returns/inappropriate Behavior/Damage fees may be charged at the discretion of The Sunrise Pedal Trolley driver.

  • 15 min. late: $45
  • 30 min. late: $90
  • 60 min. late: $360 (cancels another tour)
  • Damage Penalty: Cost of Repair

Who should rent the trolley?

Anyone who would like to have a good time! Younger riders will need to be accompanied by their parent/guardian and have a signed safety waiver prior to boarding.

The Sunrise Pedal Trolley Tours are great for family reunions, a girls’ night out, bachelor parties, birthday parties, company outings, and a night out with your group of friends.

What if I want to cancel or reschedule?

No refunds or rain checks will be given.

The Sunrise Pedal Trolley also reserves the right to cancel any tour because of hazardous weather or unforeseen circumstances; if a tour is cancelled on behalf of The Sunrise Pedal Trolley, customers will be offered the choice of a full refund or a rain check.


Can the Trolley go Up Hill over the Bridge?

No, The Sunrise Pedal Trolley has the ability to go up on a slight incline, but not cross the bridge. Contact us if you would like a special tour of Bay City’s west side and to make arrangements to bring our trolley to your location.

Call for more information, a trailering fee of $150.00 and mileage fee of $1.00 per mile round trip could apply.

Can I make my own route for a tour?

We encourage our riders to pick their destination stops, this makes will make your pedal tour much more fun. The number of stops will depend on the length of your tour. We are open to any suggestions, remember to HAVE FUN, LAUGH, and have a GREAT TIME with us.

The Sunrise Pedal Trolley is also available for special events. Please contact us at for more information and pricing for your special event.

Let's have fun: Don't be a jerk.

Inappropriate Behavior will result in termination of your tour & $200-$1000 penalty.

Examples include, but not limited to:

  •  Arriving intoxicated or becoming excessively intoxicated while on the tour
  • Jumping off the bike during a tour
  • Public urination
  • Public display of nudity

Damage Penalty: Cost of the repair, plus cost of loss of booked tours.

Tips and Gratuity

Tips are greatly appreciated!  Our drivers work hard to ensure your pub crawl/tour is one you won’t soon forget!  Thank You for Pedaling with SunRise Pedal Trolley!

Payment Options

If it is accepted in most places . . . we accept it. Except your first born child. We dont’ have time to take on extra children.

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